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Affordable, efficient and reliable medication when you need it!

Are you sick and tired of extra medication costs or having to spend countless hours waiting for your prescriptions to be ready?


At Lion Pharmacy we believe that it is our mission to look after your prescriptions and make sure you never face these issues. Let us show you how we can help you today!

  • Do you have ongoing prescriptions at different pharmacies? You might be throwing your money away, not to mention your time! By transferring all of your prescriptions to our dedicated healthcare professionals and pharmacists, you will save money and time thanks to our fast and simple process.

  • We accept most insurance prescription plans and ALWAYS deliver on time! Do you have ongoing prescriptions that need refilling? Are you looking for a dispensary you can rely on to deliver at the right time? We pride ourselves for always delivering what you expect and when you expect it! With Lion Pharmacy, you will forget the stress of medication delays!

  • There is a reason we beat the competition and never break our personalized approach to addressing your individualized needs. We provide our customers with the best service thanks to the very latest software to manage our prescriptions. The SyncRX refill system has been supporting independent pharmacies for years, with prescription processing and its automatic dispensing system. This specially designed software enables us to have more face-to-face time with our patients, knowing that the practicalities of your prescriptions are being looked after.

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