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Independence Day Celebrations- July Safety Tips

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July is a time to celebrate America’s Independence and enjoy family, friends, and fireworks! With all the celebrations going on, it’s easy to let your guard down. Ensure your family’s safety with these quick tips:

1. Consider ear protection for your little one. Not only can loud noises scare your small children, but in certain cases it can even damage your child’s hearing. If you plan on going to a large fireworks display, plan on packing noise-canceling headphones to protect your little one’s ears!

2. Stay away from illegal fireworks. Make sure to check what your state’s laws are before you participate in firework fun. And whether they’re legal or not, still keep a safe distance from anyone who is not trained to light them off properly.

3. Always have an adult supervise any firework activity, including sparklers. Sparklers alone account for one quarter of emergency room fireworks injuries. Keep an eye on any child’s sparkler until it is safely out- and then dip the remnants in water to be certain it’s out.

4. What is a summer celebration without a cookout! But those grills get hot, and coals and grills stay hot long after the fire is out, so it’s best to keep your children away from the area altogether. Also, use your grill well away from your home and deck railings, and out from under any branches or overhangs.

Enjoy Independence Day and the rest of July with outdoor celebrations and cookouts! Remember to stay aware and stay safe, and don’t forget to pick up your summer essentials at our pharmacy!

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