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About Us

Small Pharmacy With a Big Mission

Lion Pharmacy was established over 60 years ago in February 1959, as a small family-owned business with a big mission: to help the community of Red Lion live healthier lives. Having served the generations of Red Lion residents, we always provide our customers with one-on-one experience and personalized approach.

We're more than a pharmacy: Lion Pharmacy is a wellness center what offers a wide range of vitamins and mineral supplements, homeopathic remedies, cholesterol reduction, detoxification, and weight loss programs and supplements. Our staff will provide you with all the information you need to make educated decisions about your health.

We take great pride in offering the widest range of services, products, and medical equipment in the area. Offering prescription drugs refills, over-the-counter medication, durable medical equipment, pet supplies and more, we provide you with exquisite customer support to help you get the utmost benefit from these products.

Our traditional values are backed up with the latest electronic prescribing system. By using technology in the best way possible, our caring staff can spend more time giving you the attention and time that you need, while suppling quick, no-fuss and no-wait prescriptions.

Meet the Team

pharmacist bethany
pharmacist deb
pharmacist ashley
practitioner jon
Bethany Miller, R.Ph.

Bethany Miller has been a pharmacist at Lion Pharmacy for over 31 years. As a graduate of Ohio Northern University School of Pharmacy, she has continued a family tradition. Her father, 2 brothers, and a sister all graduated from the same college, and all own community pharmacies. With a compassion for helping people, Bethany enjoys talking with people, explaining their medications, answering their questions, and guiding them towards better health.

Deb Shultz, RPh

Deb Shultz has been a pharmacist for 25 years. She is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. She met her husband, Rick, at Pitt and has twins, Mark and Amanda. Deb has worked at Lion Pharmacy since 2016, and strives to bring a positive and caring attitude to her interactions with pharmacy guests. While not working, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Ashley Riggs, PharmD

Ashley graduated from Temple University School of Pharmacy in 2015, and has been at Lion Pharmacy since 2016. Her favorite aspects of being a pharmacist are giving back to the community, solving problems, and applying her clinical knowledge. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga, spending time outside with her husband, Steve, and taking naps with her two cats.

Jon Hiester, CNS CNHP

Jon has practiced in the natural health field for close to ten years. Jon's goal is to help individual's live a happy and healthy life style while maintaining optimal state of homeostasis. Jon is a graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health where he obtained his CNS and CNHP certifications. Jon also is a certified Ion Cleanse practitioner.

Jon's areas of focus are Diet and Nutrition and has worked in the food industry for over twenty years. Jon offers many custom diet solutions to aid his clients in achieving their weight loss goals. Jon specializes in custom diets such as rotation diets and The Uniquely U diet. He believes the earth provides everything our bodies need to live and maintain optimal health. Jon has spent years educating himself to all the earth provides and uses this knowledge with his clients to help them live healthy. Jon also has vast experience in public speaking and holds lectures on different health topics. 

Partners & Certifications

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